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Yes. Around the Block Pet Services carries liability insurance that includes coverage for your pets, your home, your pet sitter and anyone or anything that your pet might come in to contact with. With Around the Block Pet Services, your pet and your personal property are covered in the event of injury or accidental damage.
Yes. Please Contact Us! We will give you the telephone numbers and/or email addresses of some of our current and past customers.
In most cases, yes, an initial consultation is needed before any service can begin. The consultation will give us time to go over paperwork, tour your home, get acquainted with your pet, and discuss any details on pet and home care. This consultation is free and it is preferred if it can be done at least 48 hrs prior to the initial service. However, we are flexible. Sometimes a client may have alternate plans fall through at the last minute and need us immediately. Please call us ASAP at 484-955-3403 in such an instance.
No. We do not take in pets or provide kenneling. We provide care in clients homes to keep pets in familiar surroundings so they are comfortable and happy.
In most cases, yes. However, please call us ASAP at 484-955-3403 to discuss your needs.
Due to our increasingly busy schedules, we have had to scale back our overnight services and only offer them on a limited basis. If you require overnight services, please call to see if we will be able to help you.
In most cases, Yes, with the exceptions being Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Other major holidays, i.e. July 4th, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years Eve/Day, we do provide full services. Please be advised that a holiday surcharge may be charged for services on any major holiday. Please call for details.
Cash or personal check. Credit cards will be accepted in the near future.

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